Tell DOD: Let women serve in any military position they qualify for.


Another way you can support No Exceptions is by signing your name to this petition by Capt. Zoe Bedell, USMC, to tell the Secretary of Defense that, for the sake of our military readiness, he should let women serve in any military role for which they are qualified, with no exceptions.

In the Marines, Zoe led troops in a combat zone in Afghanistan. In support of No Exceptions, she believes the toughest missions should be assigned to the best person for the job, regardless of gender. Sign here to show your support too.

In May Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus said, "We need more women in the Navy and Marine Corps; not simply to have more women, but because a more diverse force is a stronger force...That is why I’m personally committed to opening all operational billets to women."

Zoe writes, “We went out on patrols alongside our brothers-in-arms, sometimes twice a day, carrying the same heavy gear they carried. When difficult situations arose, we fought alongside our brothers; the enemy never stopped to ask us our gender. Through all the challenges a person faces in combat, being a woman had no effect on our ability to complete our mission.”

Read more of Zoe's story and sign the petition here. Then share the petition online with #NoExceptions. 

Help us share the message with Secretary Carter: We need the most qualified Americans to defend our country – No Exceptions.