Want to do one pull-up? Want to improve your pull-ups?  Marine Corps Major Misty Posey has created a proven pull-up program. She is becoming a legend in the Corps, and we are bringing her program to you. 

So, ladies, gentlemen, squids, soldiers, zoomies, Marines, bank tellers, deep-thinkers, tractor drivers, and stay-at-home parents… find a park, box, gym, or warehouse near you and get on a bar- we dare you.

Start here. Check out this important and short read: Secret to Pull-ups (How to go from 0 to 20)

Now, that you've read the secrets, figure out your program:

I can already do pull-ups; I need a workout to increase my reps:  Pull-up Training Guide

I can do zero pull-ups; I need a detailed six-week program to just get me to that first one: Pull-up Training Program Novice

What do “ladders”, “escalators” and “bus stops” have to do with a pull-up program (re: how to decipher that workout!): Pull-up Workout

Are you a commander and want to set your unit up for success with the right equipment? Check out the last page of the Pull-up Training Guide for equipment recommendations.

Read the secrets, pick a plan, overcome your fear, and get on a bar! #NoExceptions